Worship Leader Resources

CalvaryCSM’s original music stems from members of the worship team of Calvary Chapel of Stone Mountain, GA, led by Pastor Sandy Adams, with worship leaders Matt Houston and Alli Taylor.  2 Timothy 1:6 exhorts believers to “…stir up the gift of God which is in you…”  The Greek word for “stir up” literally means “to kindle up, inflame one’s mind, strength, zeal.”  At CalvaryCSM, it is our desire in our worship to stir up and rekindle embers of praise in the hearts of God’s people.  Visit CalvaryCSM.com for more information on Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain.

Below are some recordings of CalvaryCSM’s original worship songs from the Deep South Pastors’ Conferences.  Feel free to use them as a free resource for your church.

Download these free worship resources for your church:

Holy Is Our God
[Matt Houston, CCLI #7077567]



Give it All (I Need You)
[Matt Houston, CCLI #7078038]



Your Love
[Alli Taylor, CCLI #7086382]



God Be Praised
[Matt Houston, CCLI #7118813]



Jesus is Calling
[Alli Taylor, CCLI #7120782]



Reigning Still
[Matt Houston, CCLI #7084181]



The Only One
[Matt Houston, CCLI #7094124]



Then and Now
[Alli Taylor, CCLI #7133372]





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