Ministry Boot Camp

A Word from Pastor Sandy Adams


Over the years, as Calvary Chapels have grown in the Deep South, God is given us a storehouse of collective wisdom. We’re learning important lessons that should be passed along to pastors in search of help. This is the purpose of our CCA Deep South Boot Camps.

The Boot Camp is a weekend visit to a Calvary Chapel near you (see schedule below). There will be both practical and inspirational sessions, and opportunities for you to ask questions. The Boot Camp is designed for the pastor who has either stalled out or is starting out. If you’re laying a foundation, or looking for a lift, or just wanting to connect with other pastors in your area you will enjoy the Boot Camp.

Once a boy watched a butterfly struggle to squeeze through a tiny hole in its cocoon. To make it easier for the butterfly, the boy took scissors and snipped the opening. The butterfly easily exited, but its wings never developed. The struggle he was spared was crucial to push the fluid out of its swollen body and into its wings. The boy thought he was helping the butterfly, instead he inadvertently crippled him.

We also know a pastor’s struggles are critical to his growth. We don’t want to short-circuit what God is teaching you. Some questions only God can answer. Some lessons only God can teach. But if we can pass on some wisdom and encouragement to endure; then we’ve succeeded.

The cost for the Boot Camp is covered by the host church. Food and lodging is your responsibility. Please, pay attention to the registration deadline for each Boot Camp. We’ll need a minimum number of pastors to hold the event, so sign up in advance. You can register below:

CC Chattanooga
8/11 - 8/13


CC Knoxville
10/28 - 10/30

Friday Lunch, October 28
Sunday Lunch, October 30

*** Registration Deadline: ***
Monday, October 17, 2016

3330 W Governor John Sevier Highway
Knoxville, TN 37920

CC Bartlett
2/24 - 2/26

Friday Lunch, February 24
Sunday Lunch, February 26

*** Registration Deadline: ***
Monday, February 13, 2016

8587 Memphis Arlington Rd.
Bartlett, TN 38133

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